Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset We cannot rely on employment anymore The go to college and get a job formula isn’t working anymore student debts is escalating everyday and millions students are responsible of paying back study loans.

We need Entrepreneurs to create jobs of the future ad solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Do you have the Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Characteristics Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Positivity – Maintain a positive attitude doesn’t mean being naive it means looking at challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to learn and improve,come up with innovations to problems and turn them to real productive.

Creativity – You can sell create obstacle handling skills.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Persuasion – A persuasive communicator can do many things aside from sales.

Self Motivation – You have to be highly driven being hardworking and skilled is not enough you need to be motivated to do your tasks every single day.

Tenacity – when hardships and challenges come to you you have to be persistent stubborn to get through them accept that you will make mistakes errors and blunders but learn from them adopt and change how to do things if they don’t work.

Curiosity – Be inquisitive and investigate how things work , maintain your curiosity keep your mind active and strive to to see things from a fresh perspective ask questions every chance you get about common struggles in your niche.

Flexibility – New ventures in your operations can throw you out of your plans and you have to go with the flow and take things as they come .

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Ownership – There are plenty of things that you cannot control but there are also those that you can control ,ownership means not only talking , possession of your business but also taking responsibility of your tasks actions that give you confidence in your power to still your business towards success.

Receptivity – You can have the vision for your business and your product might not be popular and profitable as you want it to be ,get ready to get feedback that you don’t want to hear and read analysis that you don’t like .A good entrepreneur is open to and will know if their business is striving or not.They have to prove that by the audience input and to confirm about their businesses so that they do the best solutions.

Passion – Be genuine enough about your desire to develop solutions for your niche you have to want to make a difference or you will not be successful as you want to be .

Vision – Think of the big picture when it comes to your business , stay focused on your long term goals while not getting overwhelmed by short term hurdles set yourself mini goals that leads to your over all goals so you wont get lost on the way .

Self Regard – Take care of your physical and mental health on a daily basis 3 important aspects of self care is consider your diet , exercise and rest .A healthy mind in a healthy body produces best results published by Yeisa YOUTH EMPLOYMENT INITIATIVE SOUTH AFRICA.


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