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Gender Based Violence(GBV). In South Africa

Woman and Girls in south Africa are faced with Gender based violence challenges. Rape, incest, sexual & physical abuse, early marriages & dangerous, illegal abortions are daily occurrences. Girls skip school as they don’t have sanitary towels & many resort to prostitution or abusive relationships with older men in exchange for basic necessities Ending up in Gender Based Violence Victims GBV. Mostly women and young Children, the result is often being killed, tortured with results of permanent body disorderly, unwanted pregnancy, HIV infection & emotional distress.



Youth Employment Initiative South Africa(Yeisa)

Have come up with Abased solution which will help to eliminate GBV in the communities of south Africa, we have come up with A project to build up an app known as Stop GBV app which will be one of the tools to curb issues on gender based violence. The uniqueness of this app is that the information is recorded and reported in the real time. This means that as the event happens one is in the position to report sport on and get help spot on. The good thing about this it may not necessarily be the victim to report but anyone having the app in cellphone can make report where gender based violence taking place.

The system help the state mainly the Security organ to get immediate info and locate the place, collect the raw data about GBV cases and respond immediately and make the arrest.

The app has 3 end users 1.any person in community app 2. police app and 3.Yeisa. The end user person enables to record voices, videos and take photos in the real time or upload existing files to the system server and send the information with end to end encryption and privacy protection to 10 nearest security accounts available in the area for help.

We need Help with the funding to develop the Stop GBV App help victims get help and justice, set up counseling group help traumatized victims recover and teach benefits of gender equality.

Long-Term Impact

Through this project of Stop GBV app, will help to eliminate the women and children who are the victim of all types of violence resulting to death and permanent body harm. The stop gender based violence Program will help some of the most deprived women and children in south Africa to lead A violence free country in happy & fulfilling lives. By preventing GBV violence death, child’s rape, prostitution, early marriages, unwanted pregnancies and subsequent illegal abortions, the spread of HIV/AIDS & keeping girls in school, the program is viable in the wheel helping to give women and children an equal place in all rights of South African society. The app will Reduce and even stop the gender based violence in south Africa communities.

Donate To Us To Solve the problem of Gender Based violence In women and children of South Africa.

Youth Employment Initiative South Africa NPO

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Youth Unemployment Crisis

The South African Youth Unemployment Crisis:

“Young people have been disproportionately affected by unemployment, underemployment,vulnerable employment and working poverty. Even during periods of robust economic growth, the labour market is often unable to assimilate large number of youth. In recent years, the situation has been exacerbated by the lingering effects of the South African financial and economic crisis, with declining numbers of youth able to find decent work”

Nearly half of all young people in south Africa are unemployed or underemployed and young people are at list twice as adults to be unemployed. youth unemployment is one of only two indicators in the youth development index, where by job creation is slowing down, exacerbated by aftershocks of the south African financial crisis structural challenge in the economy, climate change and geographical instabilities,in man

y cases where even government and Non profit organisation, youth live hood initiative exist, there is limited involvement of youth in projects cycle. when young people, in all their diversity, are left out planning and design of these initiatives, crucial solutions will be missed.

During YEISA. youth consultation undertaken by our expertise, young people in all parts of south Africa identified barriers to accessing formal sector employment as major challenge in the country and the big part of network is in informal sectors. And informal sector employment is generally insecure, casual and falls beneath recognized standards of decent work. furthermore, the experience gained in the informal sector is not usually valued by formal employers and therefore keeps young people trapped in unregulated conditions.and most of young people in urban  areas reported that they are faced with intense competition and bureaucratic hurdles to gaining formal status including needing formal identification and level-finance.  in rural areas they lack access to information, services, infrastructure like market for business and investments. if young people are to successfully transition from entrepreneurs in the formal sector to employees and established businesses in the formal sector, then employers and government alike must recognize the value of young people,s experience and start to create batter pathway to allow them to make the transition.

Youth Employment Initiative South Africa,Will make a batter pathway to engage with youth through the workforce, as program beneficiaries. young people are the most to be engaged in Yeisa organisation in governance within as board members or as part of youth advisory panel. and indirectly through partners.

Young people at the  grassroots logistical challenges highlighted was in understanding how to design the right projects and how best to include young as much as possible at every step of the process. providing the safe space for young people to engage in programs, building realistic expectations, and a lack of government public policy on youth were also noted as challenge.

Yeisa is creating unique skills, perspectives and life experience that diverse young people bring which help innovation and challenges organisations to do things differently. Yeisa play a role with young people in project design and particularly the design of new technology. through Neurodiversity among the youth workplace challenges.

YEISA  strongly Considering youth to be involved in governance of its organs coalition both on the board and by strengthening the connection between young people and the executive committee. and also needed at the projects and national level where solutions are being tested, designed and scaled.  where by youth can play a large role in communications, facilitating the creative dissemination of the work of Youth Employment Initiative South Africa coalition among their peers.