Reducing Youth Unemployment in South Africa by Yeisa Non Profit Organisation Teamwork

Top Takeaways

  1. Throughout their lives, youth within South Africa are put at an employment disadvantage due to inadequate education and recruiting systems. Despite an estimated 500,000 entry-level vacancies throughout the country, young people often lack the necessary problem-solving skills, business acumen, technological savvy, and communication skills needed for the workplace, and structures that would enable this on-the-job learning (training, mentoring, and coaching) are not standard practice for most workplaces.
  2. In order to place more youth in jobs, Yeisa can bring the unique skills to bear while complementing one another’s efforts: government incentives can encourage employers to take calculated risks and reform HR practices; training providers can focus more on skills, including job-readiness skills, that are directly demanded by employers and work with these employers for placement; and funder’s can strategically deploy grants to such programs and collaborative s.
  3. Youth who participate in demand-driven training programs and are then hired into jobs become valuable staff in short order: the youth were more motivated to perform well and assimilated quickly to the work environment.
​By expanding and replicating such partnerships to entrench and extend early impact, the ‘Rainbow Nation’ could show the way again in stamping out youth unemployment.

so Yeisa is here to help eradicate unemployed youth to be able to handle decent jobs to every youth in the country. for more info see