South Africa’s labour force is affected by skills mismatch

Labour Skills Mismatch is the gap between an individual job skills and demands of the job itself. Youth unemployment is the crisis that no longer looms, but now stares us in the face daily.

Young people with out post school qualifications are one of the most vulnerable group affected by youth Unemployment opportunities for them to get meaningful employment are slim to none. How ever, despite education attainment improving in south Africa , the labour market prospects of young people have declined reflecting a structural weakness in the labour market due to the mismatch between skills and available jobs.  even those who do manage to get an adequate basic education may be unable to find work because they do not possess the skills needed by today’s competitions, and more important tomorrow’s employers.


A skills gap that threatens the sustainability of business around the world. and while a big part of skills gap at a shortage of people skilled in the STEM(science, technology, Education, and math) Industries, there is also a gap in soft skills such as communication and advanced leadership skills. Its not skills problem its a talent issue. people don’t have the liberal arts and thinking skills specifically training they need in today’s technologically advancing world. they need the skills to keep this very complex technology working. this includes: Medical technology, aerospace, automotive,robotics etc.

Youth Employment Initiative South Africa aims at challenging thinking skills by bringing a balance of specific technical skills, critical success skills,  work attitudes and self management  skills through on job training and entrepreneurship development.

What The Youth Can Do To Close the Skills Gap:

. To Ensure that they have good basic math, language, Reading, Writing, communication and technical /computer skills.

. To ensure they have Minimum Basic Employability skills:Dependability, Ability to get along with others to get along with others, and problem solving skills.

.They should reset there expectation, first time workers must be willing to take that internship or the entry-level job.

. They should own there development. Get rid of that entitlement mentality.

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