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Our aim is to provide support for local communities by assisting with educational programs, volunteering services, youth development, sports and skills development that will enable them to help themselves rise above the vicious circle of poverty that these young people find themselves in. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the economic polarities in South Africa by providing local youth, information and knowledge needed to deliver a better level of knowledge to their beneficiaries. To bring new skills to a community that otherwise would not have access to them and provide disadvantaged youth with the skills and knowledge to create a future for themselves, their family and ultimately their community. We aim to provide conscientious and responsible conservation with the assistance of volunteers.

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Youth Employment Initiative South Africa is more than just a Youth Welfare Organization – it’s a way of life.

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Since 2018,YEISA has contributed to the development of Youth in the greater Durban area through our wide range of programs.

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