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Help our YEISA organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. by Facilitating and address Gender Based Violence in South Africa. Stop GBV among women and children is the key point of our project where by we need funds to help us create an APP which will help communities in south Africa to cub GBV by all means. This app consist of 3 organ: Security (police) organ and Yeisa organ and the victim part where by a victim can report immediately when the crime is taking place and the nearby police can receive the information and rush to the seen where violence it takes place to arrest the perpetrators to book. The uniqueness of this app is that the information is recorded and reported in the real Time. The Funds donated will be used to develop the app that will Help the victims to get justice set up Counseling group help traumatized people recover and teach benefits of gender equality. The funds will help purchase systems requirements and training the community how to go about the app and public awareness about crimes preventions before it happens. This app will help to stop GBV.

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